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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bed Bug Prevention Products Stop Living Nightmares

There are few things more disturbing than the notion that something is feeding on you while you are sleeping. Yet that is how the pests known as “bed bugs” choose to operate.

While that notion rattles around your potentially sleepy noggin, consider the fact that you can prevent bed bugs from ruining your life with bed bug prevention products, such as bed bug covers and mite free down comforters, which can help prevent your bed from becoming a living nightmare.

Don’t let bed bugs into your life

It is simple, really, when you think about it. Bed bugs and dust mites rely on porous or loose knit materials to enable them to penetrate and hide in your bedding until you lie down to sleep. Then they rush out to feed. While you sleep…

Bed bug prevention products such as mite free down comforters help prevent that cycle of bed bug occupancy. The weave of these ultra-comfortable down seals out bed bugs while sealing in the risk of floating allergens that are potentially emitted by the down itself.

Layers of bed bug protection

Bed bug covers seal off your mattress to keep you comfortable and bed-bug-free without causing allergies. Bed bug covers offer:  

     Excellent allergen protection
     Easy to launder and maintain
     High level of comfort
     100% Cotton
     Non-Penetrating Zipper
     Made in USA
     Lifetime warranty

Dust mite covers seal and protect mattresses, box springs and allergy pillows from dust mites and bed bugs. That’s the protection and security you seek to prevent bed bugs from taking over your life.

Bed bug prevention in hypoallergenic comforters

Hypoallergenic down comforters not only help prevent beg bugs and dust mites from occupying your bed, they now offer superior softness and warmth thanks to new methods in cleaning and blending of down. With a blend of 80% goose down and 20% Syriaca clusters in a full range of fill power (the quality of down) to deliver a select combination of softness and warmth, you’ll enjoy sleeping again. Bed bug prevention products are a perfect start toward healthier sleep without the nightmare of bed bugs and mites having a feast at your expense and discomfort.

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