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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Ideal Vacuum Cleaner for Allergy Sufferers

When you hear about a vacuum called the DirtTamer, one of your first instincts might be to respond, “Yeah, right…”

The search for the perfect handheld vacuum is one that can lead you down many dirty paths. Yet the DirtTamer Ultima Vacuum has some interesting differences that may yet convince you that vacuum Nirvana has arrived.

For starters, the DirtTamer Ultima has the right amount of suction power, driven by 14.4 volts of power. If you’re going to do a good job vacuuming, there has to be sufficient juice to generate strong suction.

The next best feature is the wet or dry vacuuming capacity. A mess is a mess whether you dump the brown sugar while baking, or tip over a favorite plant while watering. You want a vacuum that can step in and clean the floor without questioning what the contents of the mess really are.

The bagless DirtTamer is easy to empty which ensures that you’re not cleaning up again after you’ve just cleaned up. Nothing more frustrating than getting the floor clean only to have the unwanted contents inside the vacuum dribble down the side of the trash can. The DirtTamer also offers sufficient volume to do the whole job rather than being forced to empty the canister time after time.

Flexibility is one of the most important features of a handheld vacuum. The combination of cordless operation and ergonomic design makes the DirtTamer an easy choice for performing daily cleanup chores.

Now, we’ve told you all the features you might expect from a really good handheld vacuum. So let’s move from the good stuff to the really excellent features that make this vacuum special.

The DirtTamer doesn’t just suck up dirt, it comes equipped with a dynamic 3-stage filtration system that keeps dust and allergenic material from slipping back out into the atmosphere where they can cause you breathing or allergy problems.

Here how it works. The first filter pulls out the large particles. Stage two separates liquids, if present. The final stage uses HEPA filtration that captures 99.97% of all allergy-causing particles. That means, you not only clean the surfaces of your home, you’re also removing potentially harmful allergens from throughout your home, patio or wherever you choose to use the DirtTamer.

Combined with the power of a vacuum that provides 400% more suction force than other handheld vacuums, the DirtTamer Ultima Vacuum even puts you in the driver’s seat with a headlight for cleaning up dark areas. The DirtTamer is just $69.95 for superior suction power and superb cleaning power.

If you love the style and effectiveness of the DirtTamer in a handheld vacuum, you will also be impressed with the Electrolux Nimble HEPA Bagless Vacuum. It has the same sealed HEPA Filtration System, a swivel head that helps you roll with the flow while vacuuming, a powerful 12 amp cyclonic engine inside, and a large capacity canister that is easy to empty. You’ll love the award winning design of this vacuum and will love even more how clean your entire home can feel. At $299.99 with a Price Protection Guarantee, you won’t find the Electrolux Nimble HEPA Bagless Vacuum for less, or you’ll be refunded the difference from And that’s a deal that doesn’t suck!

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